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there's something profoundly soothing about a cup of herbal
tea. At Swachh Tea, we invite you to embark on a journey through the enchanting
realm of herbal teas, where nature's remedies and flavors unite to nourish your
body, calm your mind, and uplift your spirit.



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Herbal tea (Wellness tea)Herbal tea (Wellness tea)
Retail productHerbal tea (Wellness tea)
Sale priceFrom Rs. 193.70
Thyroid care herbal teaThyroid care herbal tea
Retail productThyroid care herbal tea
Sale priceFrom Rs. 193.70
Periods care herbal tea (Periods, PCOD, PMS)Periods care herbal tea (Periods, PCOD, PMS)
Anti Diabotic herbal teaAnti Diabotic herbal tea
Retail productAnti Diabotic herbal tea
Sale priceFrom Rs. 193.70
Weight care herbal tea (Slimming tea)Weight care herbal tea (Slimming tea)
Detox kahwaDetox kahwa
Retail productDetox kahwa
Sale priceFrom Rs. 193.70
Skin care herbal teaSkin care herbal tea
Retail productSkin care herbal tea
Sale priceFrom Rs. 193.70
Digestive mantra herbal teaDigestive mantra herbal tea
Immunity booster herbal teaImmunity booster herbal tea
Anxiety relief herbal tea (Relax and calming)
Cough and cold relief herbal tea (throat care)
Memory booster herbal tea
Retail productMemory booster herbal tea
Sale priceFrom Rs. 193.70
Healthy heart Herbal tea
Retail productHealthy heart Herbal tea
Sale priceFrom Rs. 193.70
Joint pain relief herbal tea
Stress relief herbal tea
Retail productStress relief herbal tea
Sale priceFrom Rs. 193.70

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