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Brew Up Bliss: Enchant Your Tea Cafe with Exquisite Teas at Lower Costs

Clink! Are you a tea cafe owner seeking to elevate your brews and enchant your customers? Look no further! We offer a carefully curated selection of premium teas designed to ignite taste buds, boost profits, and keep your kettles singing.

Forget bland, high-cost brews. We bring you vibrant, flavourful teas brewed for lower per cup costs. Choose from classic CTC, aromatic flavoured delights, elegant leaf teas, bold black teas, delicate green teas, regal Darjeeling, pure white tea, or soothing herbal infusions. We even offer custom branded tea packets and bags to make your mark on every sip.

Here's why discerning tea cafes choose us:

  • Lower per cup cost: Our teas are concentrated and offer more servings per pack, boosting your profitability.
  • Fast colour: Say goodbye to muddy brews! Our teas deliver rich, vibrant colours in every cup.
  • Amazing flavours: From spiced masala chai to fruity infusions, we offer a sensory kaleidoscope that keeps your customers coming back for more.
  • Kadak taste: Experience the perfect balance of strength and aroma in every sip. Our teas are crafted to deliver a satisfyingly invigorating cup.
  • Custom branding: Make your signature shine! Tailor-made tea packets and bags with your logo and message for a truly personal touch.

Beyond taste, we understand the value of convenience. Our teas are easy to brew, even during peak hours. Plus, our reliable supply chain ensures you never run dry.

Ready to create a tea haven that thrives? We invite you to explore our exquisite collection and discover the magic of brewing extraordinary experiences. Let your customers lose themselves in the aroma, savour the taste, and come back for more.

Contact us today and let our passion for tea fuel your cafe's success!

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LOOSE ctc tea

Wholesalers and bulk buyers,quench your thirst for thriving tea businesses with our premiumloose CTC tea. From Assam's malty richness to Darjeeling's muscatel dance, we offer a symphony of Indian flavors inBOP, Dust, and Fanning sizes. Cater to chai classics, invigorating blends, or convenient tea bags with our direct-from-source advantage. Competitive pricing, private label options, and stringent quality control ensure your success. Build your brand with the aroma and vibrancy of our teas – partner with us and brew a cup of extraordinary growth!
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Loose leaf tea

Immerse your senses in nature's vibrant palette with loose leaf tea!** Embark on a journey beyond the bag, where whole, unfurled leaves unleash their full symphony of flavors. Dive into Assam's malty depths, savor Darjeeling's delicate muscatel, awaken with Nilgiri's citrusy zing. Our curated selection ofgreen, orthodox, white, and oolong teasinvites you to experience the diverse landscapes of Indian tea gardens in every cup.Brew bold with Assam's robust character, refine your palate with Darjeeling's exquisite notes, or embrace the gentle floral whispers of white tea.Ignite your customers' senses, cultivate loyalty, and let your business blossom with every fragrant sip!

Loose flavoured tea

Imagine the aromatic allure of Chai Masala's warming embrace, Cinnamon chai's sweet crispness, or Earl Grey's delicate dance on the tongue. Our diverse range spans the spectrum, from invigorating citrus blends like Lemon green tea to soothing florals like Lavender green tea. We cater to adventurous tastes with daring concoctions like Spicy Ginger Chai and elaichi chai while classics like Kashmiri Kahwa and Chocolate chai never disappoint. Our teas are meticulously crafted with 100% natural ingredients.
Wholesalers and bulk tea buyers, rejoice! We offer customized packaging and competitive pricing to meet your specific needs.

Loose herbal tea

Unleash the full potential of nature's bounty with our wholesale herbal tea paradise! From calming chamomile to vibrant hibiscus, invigorating peppermint to earthy echinacea, we offer a symphony of flavors in pure herbal blends, captivating green tea infusions, and targeted wellness teas.Fuel your customers' wellbeing with slimming blends, immunity boosters, anti-diabetic infusions, and even stress-relieving concoctions. We source ethically, package sustainably, and cater to bulk buyers, ensuring your shelves brim with diversity and quality.Whether satisfying a bustling cafe, soothing a yoga studio, or empowering wellness stores, our teas deliver taste, convenience, and well-being in every cup. Dive into our wholesale collection today and let nature's vibrant vitality bloom in your business!

what other services we offer


If you are someone who needs tea in bulk, we can get it done as commission agents buy buying tea for you in the tea auctions. Being a very active member of the prestigious STAC, we provide you the oppurtunity to select from the wide range of tea available from top tea manufacturers and top tea gardens.

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Custom tea blending

Are you someone who needs his tea blended specifically according to your area's requirement?
Take advantage of our wide variety of tea options as we help you create blends that suit your market and your customer's taste. We assure you of the right pricing and quality maintenance throught the year.

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Private labelling

Skip the generic and brew your own signature brand! Private label tea lets you design unique blends, customize stunning packaging, and build a thriving tea empire. Ethically sourced, high-quality teas meet your brewing vision, opening doors to cafes, retailers, and more.

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