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Particulars Total
Loose all grades tea sample
Includes: This sample set contains all single grade CTC tea. BOP Bopsm BP OF PD Dust
Rate: Rs.300/-
Blended tea samples
Includes: This contains our blended tea samples like Hotel blend (3 types), Family blend(3 types) and special loose tea blend(3 types)
Rate: Rs.200/-
Flavoured CTC tea samples
Includes: All our flavoured CTC at one place like elaichi chai (3 types), masala chai (3 types) and ginger tea (3 types)
Rate: Rs.300/-
Packet tea and jar tea sample
Includes: This contains our packet tea samples 50gm premium, 10rs regular, 50gm regular, 10 rs delight, 10rs elaichi and 10 rs masala chai. Also gold jar, perfect jar and bangla jar will be provided in zipper packets)
Rate: Rs.300/-
Leaf tea samples
Includes: This contains our leaf tea samples
Rate: Rs.300/-
Flavoured green tea samples
Includes: This contains our green tea samples
Rate: Rs.400/-
Family type chai sample
Includes: BOP grade, Bopsm grade, Bp grade, Swachh family blend value, classic and supreme, Swachh special loose tea Value classic and supreme
Rate: Rs.300/-
Hotel type chai samples
Includes: This contains OF grade, PD grade, Dust grade, Swachh tea hotel value, classic and supreme, and Special loose tea value classic supreme
Rate: Rs.300/-
CTC Full set
Includes: Loose tea, blended tea, flavoured CTC tea
Rate: Rs.700/-
Leaf full set
Includes: Leaf tea and flavoured green tea
Rate: Rs.700/-
  Total Amount: Rs.0/-

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