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Swachh Tea – The Most Trusted Tea Wholesaler in Siliguri

Your endless search for the best-in-class essence tea has come to an end. Right here in Siliguri, Swachh Tea has exclusively created and brought the best in quality tea for you.  The most trusted tea wholesaler in Siliguri is here with a great variety of tea. Your early mornings, cozy evenings, and sweet gatherings have a perfect best friend- the tea packets of Swachh Tea.

Check out Swachh Tea Packets' details below- 

Swachh tea premium

Crowned as the topmost product in our portfolio, Swachh tea premium is a connoisseur product lovingly blended from the finest tea estates of Assam and Darjeeling, bringing you the quality of the best Assam Tea.
The bright coppery brown infusions coupled with the aroma add the perfect twist and balance of flavors to this seemingly effortless cup of tea.
This is the finest product the prime tea wholesaler brings to your table.

Swachh tea regular

Swachh tea regular isn’t just any other regular product. It’s a special ctc tea hand-crafted for avid tea lovers that bring together the dark, intoxicating aromas of Darjeeling and the mouth-watering taste of Assam.
 This product will invigorate your senses and will get your mental gears running for the rest of the day. Get it in your cart from the best tea wholesaler in Siliguri.

Swachh tea delight

This is a totally worth for money product the Assam tea company brings for you.
Swachh tea delight is for people who prefer pocket-friendly yet delightful tea. This product keeps the pressure low on your pocket but still manages to keep a delightful taste on your tongue.

Swachh tea elaichi

Spicy, citrusy, minty… it's difficult to describe the flavor of cardamom, other than to say it's delicious! 
And when added to your age-old Darjeeling tea, it serves as the perfect mind booster and tongue-satisfying drink.
Swachh tea is the tea wholesaler that presents you with the best in quality tea.

Swachh tea masala

What are the two things loved by Indians the most?
 “Spices” and “Chai”! 
A mix of blended tea with masala and chai. A combination cherished by each Indian.
 Our unique blend of spices creates the perfect powder mix for your chai, giving it the masala kick that is not only refreshing but also healthy. The best tea distributor in Siliguri presents you the prime masala chai packaged with care for your sweet and memorable gatherings.

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