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Swachh Tea – The Loose Tea Wholesalers 

Swachh Tea, the leading loose tea wholesalers brings you numerous qualities. The different varieties depends on the dust quality. Basically, all the available scales of the dust quality are manufactured by the best loose tea manufacturers & suppliers in Siliguri.

Check Out The Varieties That Loose CTC Tea Wholesalers Has To Offer:-

BOP graded CTC tea

The largest of the tea granules, BOP graded tea means "Broken orange pekoe". This kind of tea granules is used mostly as a filler in a blend. It has to be boiled much longer than the other grades to get the desired colour in the teacup. It is an uncommonly used tea grade available mostly in Punjab, parts of Haryana, and some parts of South India as well.The prime loose CTC tea wholesalers exclusively bring this quality for all the tea lovers here.

BOPsm Graded CTC tea

Slightly smaller than BOP grade tea, but still quite visible granules, this tea variant gives colour faster than BOP graded tea. BOPsm grade tea contributes more to the flavour in a tea blend as it takes much more time to boil than the other grades.
Due to its flavour, it is evidently used in most of the tea blends across the country. Swachh Tea brings this variety at the best loose tea wholesale price in Siliguri.

BP Graded CTC tea

Broken pekoe or more commonly referred to as BP graded tea is the most commonly used graded tea in the country. The size of the granules is slightly smaller than BOPSM, but slightly bigger than OF. Just like BOPSM , BP also finds its way to almost all packet blends across the country.

OF Graded CTC Tea

Slightly smaller than the BP grade tea, Orange Fannings or more commonly known as OF grade tea, is known for its quick colour displaying property. The size of the granules is small but still big enough to not get through the sieve (chalni). This variety makes its way to the list of hoteliers and Dhaba walas. 
Eminently, the only leading loose tea dealers in Siliguri bring you the OF graded CTC tea in your city.

PD Graded tea

Slightly bigger than dust and slightly smaller than OF, Pekoe dust or more commonly known as PD graded tea is mostly used in teabags. This kind of grade also makes its way to packets and blends that are targeted towards the hotels and dhabas. It gives colour faster than OF grade tea and is also known for being a strong (kadak) variety of loose tea. It is mostly used in South India and parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat. But slowly it is getting popularity all across the country.
Moreover, being the trusted loose tea dealers in Siliguri, we provide this variety in bulk.

Dust Graded CTC tea

Dust is the smallest tea grade, slightly smaller than PD, dust grade is useful for a quick-brewing strong cup of tea. It is only used in blends of similar-size leaf, generally in tea bags. It is also sold in loose, mostly used in hotels and dhaba, this kind of tea grade is known for itsits extremely fast color-giving attributes and at the same time, it is known to be strong (kadak). It is mostly used in South India and parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra.
We provide this product exclusively at the best available loose tea wholesale price in Siliguri.

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