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The Prime Loose Leaf Manufacturers and Suppliers In Siliguri Brings You the Premium Quality Loose Leaf Tea 

Do you feel the sensation of the loose leaf tea brings in your house? We can feel you. So, we have exclusively brought the collection of Assam loose leaf tea to your fingertips. Being one of the eminent loose-leaf manufacturers & suppliers in Siliguri for years, we have three varieties of loose leaf tea uniquely hand-crafted and manufactured for you.

The following are the loose leaf tea varieties we offer-

Green tea

This green tea leaf is blended with utmost perfection and brought to you. This variety is quite famous among diet-conscious and fitness-oriented people. Loose green tea is available in our store to fulfill your health benefits.
You can try the best in quality loose leaf green tea which is primarily manufactured for our tea lovers.

Orthodox tea

We are the topmost loose leaf dealers in Siliguri that bring you the premium variety of Orthodox tea especially handcrafted for you.
You won’t be disappointed after tasting our Orthodox tea quality. The flavor and essence of it will surely remind you of the lush green tea gardens. 
Being the best-in-class loose leaf tea dealers in Siliguri, we provide what we preach.  

CTC mixing tea

The CTC Mixing tea is a variety of tea that is massively famous among households. This is a mandatory variety that is present and the demand for it never decreases.
So, the leading loose leaf tea suppliers have presented the best in quality CTC mixing tea for our Siliguri people.
Avail it at the best affordable price!