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Swachh Tea- The Preeminent Flavoured Tea Dealers in Siliguri 

To all the Flavoured tea lovers of this city, the leading flavoured tea dealers in Siliguri bring the premium flavoured tea varieties to your doorstep. The authentic and aromatic tea manufactured and blended with the original fresh granules of the fine green tea as well as CTC tea.
Moreover, this diversification of the different flavours of green tea and CTC tea is massively pure. We offer various high-quality varieties with proper, hygienic, and pure packaging.

Explore the different flavours of our high-quality green tea and CTC tea 

Flavoured green tea

Flavoured Tea in Siliguri is massively famous and a go-to gossip requirement for weekends and gatherings.
All the famous flavours are present in our store. You name one, we have it. Green Tea has its own medicinal benefits, but if it comes with a certain flavour, then it is taste and health altogether in a cup of tea.
Being the dynamic flavoured tea dealers in Siliguri, we offer the best-in-class flavoured green tea varieties for our beloved customers.

Flavoured CTC Tea

The varieties of the flavoured CTC tea are basically quality-assured and filled with purity.
The aroma of CTC tea flavour in Siliguri is imminently famous in households and café’s. The mixes of Elaichi and masala flavours will remain in your senses for a long period of time.
The purity and quality of our varieties speaks for itself. In addition to that, the different flavours we offer are one of the best in Siliguri.
We, the leading flavoured tea dealers in Siliguri promise our consumers the prime and pure quality of flavoured CTC blend to their households. 
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