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Swachh Tea- The leading Blended CTC Tea Manufacturers in Siliguri 

Ever wondered how wonderful the aroma of the finest blended CTC tea would be? Having a sip of that tea from your favorite cup while you lie down on your couch. How mesmerizing is that? Isn’t it?

We offer the quality that we talk about. So, we have brought the premium quality of blended CTC tea finely processed and crafted with love and care. The massively trusted blended CTC tea suppliers in Siliguri have immensely worked on the quality and packaging of this tea variant.

Down below are all the varieties available for the tea lovers in Siliguri-

Family Blend

Especially, the family blend is for all the families where blend tea is a must. It is a mix of good quality blend CTC tea granules with black and green leaf to create a mixture that is not only good by appearance, fragrance, amazing in taste and flavor too.

Hotel Blend

The imminent hotel blend is available exclusively for hotels and dhabas. Their search for blend CTC tea ends here. This variety gives fast colour and an amazing taste. Granules are small in size, so accordingly, they mix faster with milk and water to leave liqour quickly. The granules have been mixed with green leaves and black leaves to give your tea that extra taste and flavour it deserves. 
The Leading blended CTC Tea distributors in Siliguri bring this variety for the hotels and dhabas all around Siliguri.

Special loose blend

It is a mix of medium-sized blend CTC tea granules that are appealing to both, hotels and families. As it combines the best of both worlds and i.e taste and liquor. The blend is especially suitable for people looking to make packets for their own brands.
The best CTC tea wholesale price gives our customers to establish their own brands too.